An Cailín Ciúin 100% Irish according to Tipp crew member

An Cailín Ciúin promo shots

A Tipperary man who worked on Oscar nominated An Cailín Ciúin says it’s an Irish film from start to finish.

Sean O’Connor, a local writer and musician was the Covid Officer for the movie and was present throughout the 5 week shoot.

He says filming during Covid meant they had new challenges to face such as a minimal team, tight budgets, and reduced abilities for cast to rehearse and read through their scripts to avoid contact.

Sean says that what makes it so special is everyone in the cast, crew and even the investors were all Irish or living in Ireland.

Speaking to Tipp Today he explained the road to getting this nomination.

“Best International Film it’s for every film that isn’t in English in the world, every French film every Italian film every Afghan Film everything everywhere. They long list it to 90 movies, An Cailín Ciúin made it into the 90 then the question was would we make it into the top 15 and it did. So last Tuesday when we went up to hear the announcement the announcement was would we go from the Top 15 into the Top 5 and that is an extremely tall order.”

“The idea not for this film, but a film like this that became this film came from TG4, it was about time we made a film that was really 100% Irish in Irish.”