Cahill: Resourcess have to be put in place to cope with influx of refugees

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary TD accepts that we may have reached the limit for now when it comes to taking in Ukrainian refugees.

Deputy Jackie Cahill was responding to comments from Nenagh based consultant Mary Ryan who told Tipp FM Ireland must stop taking in refugees in order to provide adequate medical care to the current population.

The Fianna Fáil TD was asked on Tipp Today earlier if this was the case.

The Thurles Deputy said the government has to accept that extra people in an area demands extra resources.

“The resources have to be put in so that the people of the town won’t be at a disadvantage because of the amount of extra people from the Ukraine that are going to be in Thurles (when 60 modular units are built to house refugees).

“There’s only one school in Thurles with DEIS status – you know, you’re bringing in a lot of children that won’t have English and will be attending those schools.

“And the same, we’ve a problem in Thurles as regards sourcing GPs. This is going to have to be recognised by the HSE that here we have extra people – there has to be extra resources in place.”