Advanced negotiations on housing IPAs in Clonmel Hotel

Photo from Google Maps

The Department of Integration has finally conformed that discussions are at an advanced stage to house International Protection Applicants at Hearns Hotel in Clonmel.

Speculation has been rife that the owners of the hotel on Parnell Street have been in negotiations with the Department for some time with some reports that a 12 month contract has already been signed for 92 people to be located there.

The correspondence from the Community Engagement Team to local Senator Garret Ahearn came just minutes after he had raised the issue in the Upper House of the Oireachtas.

Minister of State James Browne responded on behalf of Roderic O’Gorman.

“All I can confirm from the information provided to me by Minister O’Gorman is that the International Protection Procurement Service is responding to an offer to them of accommodation in respect of the property (Hearns Hotel) and the Department is assessing the property in terms of if the accommodation is suitable is a contract should be agreed. But I don’t have any more specifics than that. I will ask Minister O’Gorman if he can provide you with further specifics in relation to it.”

However the lack of information in the response to his queries left Senator Ahearn frustrated.

“We should be able to tell the public that there’s 100 people coming into that hotel. The real problem we have is the impact on this is huge – there’s an impact on every single business on Parnell Street. From a hospitality, restaurants, pubs point of view. The people of Clonmel are hugely concerned that there’s no communication.”