HSE Refute Claims About Tipperary Home Help Waiting List

Stock photo: Pixabay

The HSE has refuted claims made by the Taoiseach in the Dáil about Home Help waiting lists in south Tipperary, according to local TD Mattie McGrath.

The independent deputy has raised the issue with Mícheál Martin, saying the HSE needs to step up efforts to help over 2,100 people waiting for Home Help across the country.

In reply, the Taoiseach claimed there’s nobody waiting for home help in south Tipperary according to latest data as of the end of August.

However, deputy McGrath says that local HSE management later informed him that there are 118 people waiting for Home Help in south Tipp.

In the Dail, Deputy McGrath said: “This is chronic, families are getting sick and carers are getting sick. And if you don’t deal with that, the hospital crisis is going to be much worse and it’s overcrowded already. So what’s the point in producing figures if the HSE isn’t going to deliver.”