Unsightly and unsafe vacant properties in Roscrea need action

Photo © Tipp FM

The unsightly and unsafe vacant properties in Roscrea need to be addressed.

That’s the message from local councilor Shane Lee, who says that the presence of vacant homes is unacceptable at a time when there is a housing crisis.

He says that in particular there are buildings on Limerick Street which are a danger to the public, as well as taking from the positive work that has been done to refresh the aesthetic of the town.

He is calling for a meeting with the housing officials of Tipperary County Council to discuss how they can move forward and bring these properties back into use.

Councilor Lee told Tipp FM that many people are annoyed to see these building lying vacant while many struggle to find a home.

” I receive calls from my constituents asking what about this house and why is this house left vacant when we’re in the middle of a housing crisis. So, it’s not good to see these premises left idle. Sometimes in conjunction with Tipperary County Council and the housing section when they get talking to the landlords of these properties there can be a positive outcome.”

He says there are a number of schemes that could also be looked at to bring these properties back into use.