Ryan: anti-social behaviour and intimidation a problem in Thurles estate

Photo © Tipp FM

A local councillor is calling on Thurles Municipal District to rectify issues with a housing estate in the town.

Councillor Jim Ryan highlighted intimidation, anti-social behaviour, squatting, and illegal dumping taking place at Stradavoher Court, at this month’s meeting.

Cllr Ryan says he is constantly getting calls about the “out of control” situation from residents of estates and business owners along Stradavoher.

The independent councillor told Tipp FM the council needs to intervene before it reaches a point of no return.

“It’s falling into complete disrepair. There was a number of houses two years ago burned to the ground. It’s just gotten completely out of control at this stage. Action needs to be taken, and I have asked the council to see if the owners of the property can be contacted, if they could possibly be prosecuted under the Derelict Site Act, or if the council could purchase the housing estate themselves.

“Something needs to happen. The residents of Stradavoher and the business people of Stradavoher have had enough of it. They want something sorted, and that is the reason why I raised it at the meeting.”

Cllr. Ryan says residents of Stradavoher Court and business owners in the area are being affected by the antics being carried out in the housing estate.

“I’m constantly getting representations, phone calls, and messages from residents and business people along Stradavoher. Some of them have been living there for 30, 40, or nearly 50 years, and they’ve never come across anything like the level of intimidation, anti-social behaviour, illegal dumping. It’s bringing in people that are just not acceptable to the area.

“Something needs to happen. This situation cannot be allowed to continue because it’s giving Thurles a bad name, it’s a complete eye sore, and it’s embarrassing at this stage to have an estate like that in the town of Thurles. People are living in fear in the area, and it’s affecting business in the area as well.”