REA survey shows Nenagh house prices back at boom levels

Photo courtesy of REA

A new reports shows Nenagh has the fastest selling houses in Ireland with prices back to boom levels in some cases.

The latest Real Estate Alliance survey says prices across Tipperary have risen by over 9% in the last three months.

Prices in Nenagh have risen by 23.7% in the last quarter and are taking an average of just one and a half weeks to sell which is the quickest in Ireland.

According to local estate agent Eoin Dillon they have just agreed a sale on a three-bed semi in the town at €237,500 which is back to the height of the boom days.

Average prices in Newport rose 3.7% over the last three months to an average of €197,000 with time on the market remaining at two weeks.

In Clonmel it’s taking an average of four weeks for a house to sell with prices up 5.4% to €195,000.

Average prices in Roscrea rose 3% in the quarter to €170,000 and again take an average of four weeks to sell.

The Real Estate Alliance survey shows that the price of the average second-hand three-bed semi in County Tipperary has risen by 9.2% over the last three months to €199,250.

Average house prices nationally have risen by €3,500 per month since the end of June, with selling prices in commuter areas and small towns increasing by over double the growth experienced in the major cities.