No social housing in Tipp used to house Ukrainian refugees or Asylum Seekers

Photo courtesy of Dundrum House Hotel Facebook page

No social housing in Tipperary is being used to house Ukrainian refugees or Asylum Seekers.

That was the message from Fine Gael Senator Garret Ahern who says he believes that the Government and local authority are putting in significant measures when it comes to housing supply in the county.

He says any suggestion that people coming into the country are receiving council homes ahead of local people on the waiting list is false.

When questioned further by Fran Curry on Tipp Today he said that Ukrainian refugees are housed in private accommodation locally if it has been offered up by the homeowner:

“The very quick answer to that is no – there is no social housing in Tipp that is being used for Ukrainian citizens or refugees, that certainly hasn’t happened in Tipperary… no one who is on social housing has been passed out by a Ukrainian citizen or refugee there is no social housing in Tipperary or across the country being used for that purpose. Housing is found by the local authority whether that is people willing to give up rooms or  whether it is accommodation in terms of hotels or B and B’s.”