New Inn log-cabin planning refused

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary County Council has refused planning permission to Sean Meehan and his log cabin.

The decision was announced this week after a long and protracted legal battle with the Council.

Sean Meehan’s last court appearance was in April, when the Judge adjourned the case to allow for Sean to apply for planning permission.

He had previously been threatened with prison over the unauthorised log cabin on his land in New Inn, in a case that garnered national attention.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Sean explained the reasons why Tipp County Council refused planning permission.

“It said it would form a haphazard and substandard form of residential accommodation and generally have poor aesthetic value and detract from the overall appearance of the area. Would injure the amenities and depreciate the value of the properties in the area. Would set an undesirable precedent for similar type proposals in the area.

“For them to come to a decision on this they have never checked out this property – they probably wouldn’t even know how to find it.”