Minister says urgency is key when it comes to housing refugees

Photo from Pixabay

The Minister of State for Integration says the Government have to act quickly when accommodation suitable for refugees or asylum seekers becomes available in Tipperary or elsewhere in the country.

As a result Minister Joe O’Brien admits that sometimes there isn’t the amount of discussion with local communities as they would wish.

In recent weeks the Minister moved to dispel rumours suggesting that the former Bank of Ireland building in Cahir was to be used as accommodation.

However speaking to Tipp FM during a visit to the Premier County Minister O’Brien said urgency is key when it comes to housing people seeking shelter in Ireland.

“Unfortunately some people who have come here looking for international protection – we haven’t been able to accommodate them. So we need to move as fast as possible when a facility does become available.

“That unfortunately makes it hard for us to get the information to communities in time as well.

“I would say there’s a limited amount that we can tell people in terms of who is coming – people do have a right to privacy as well. But I totally accept that more information earlier is something that we can be doing better in terms of including and informing local communities.”