Midwest Simon among many charities coping with fundraising drop

Photo from Mid West Simon

The CEO of Midwest Simon is confident the charity will be able to maintain services until at least the end of the year, despite a drastic drop in fundraising.

The housing and homeless charity – which covers north Tipperary, Limerick and Clare – is one of many organisations in the region which has had to cancel significant fundraising drives due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Jackie Bonfield says they’ve received some State assistance in recent months which is helping them to maintain their food bank and accommodation services.

“We’re confident that up until the end of this year we should be okay. I suppose what we would tend to do is have a good year of fundraising and you at that fundraising going towards your expenditure next year.”

“At this moment in time we’re just saying financially we can continue the services we’re doing now and we are starting to plot for next year.”