Local authority expects to have 134 new homes completed by end of 2021

Glenconnor Housing Scheme, Clonmel. Photo courtesy of Liam Ryan, Architect.

Tipperary County Council currently has almost 400 houses under construction around the county.

The figures emerged in the wake of the Housing for All programme launch.

County Council architect Liam Ryan said that the county is doing its share towards solving the housing crisis, but that it is a slow process.

The council expects to have 134 new builds completed by the end of this year and another 257 built by the end of next year.

Liam Ryan told Tipp FM that there are houses being built around the Premier county.

“At the moment, up and down Tipperary, we have close to 400 houses under construction.

“They are all in schemes of, I tend not to do a scheme of more than 30 or 40, because I think it’s manageable and intimate at that scale, once you go beyond that, you’re in kind of city proportions.

“And we have little schemes, down to four and six in the little towns and villages.

“We have construction going on in all of the main towns – Thurles, Cahir, Cashel, Nenagh, Roscrea.”

He added that Tipperary has made great progress in addressing the housing crisis.

“What I’ve seen in the last five years is that you’re never going to solve it (the housing shortage) in a day or a year and it’s a matter of keeping on plugging away at all levels, at assisting rental income, at building new houses and doing up old houses.”