Gortnahoe ghost estate seen as ideal opportunity to provide social housing

Photo from Google Maps

Tipperary County Council is being urged to take over a ghost estate in a south Tipperary village.

The issue was raised by Councillor Jim Ryan at this months meeting of the local authority – the 35 house development in Gortnahoe was granted permission in 2002 but was never completed.

He says the unfinished estate in Gortnahoe could provide some much needed social housing and has asked Tipperary County Council to find out if NAMA or the banks own the site.

“It might be appropriate for Tipperary County Council to see if it could be purchased and to see if the houses could be completed and given out to people who badly need them.”

“It was agreed by the Council officials that they would enquire to see who owns them and see if it could be progressed. But I would hope that Tipperary County Council could do something with it.”

“These houses have been vandalised down through the years and they’re a bit of an eyesore in the lovely village of Gortnahoe.”