Fewer than 20 properties available to rent in Tipperary

Photo © Pixabay

The number of properties available to rent across the country is now at an all-time low.

The latest Daft.ie report shows just under 1,400 homes are available – just 16 houses or apartments are advertised in Tipperary today

There are around 700 live rental ads in Dublin.

Rents have risen by 10 per cent in the past year nationally, to an average of more than €1,500 with Tipperary currently standing at €1,000 per month.

Housing expert Rory Hearne, who’s a professor of social policy at Maynooth University, says there should be a freeze on rents.

“You can actually control the rent and the RPZ’s show that. Now they are having a limited impact but at some level the rent caps are controlling them.

“So I would actually argue that the Rent Pressure Zones should be extended across the country – that is vital.

“Also I do believe there should be a freeze rather than a 2% cap on rents.”