Dunne: Mobile Homes could provide temporary solution to housing crisis

There are calls from a Tipp councillor for mobile homes to be temporarily exempt from planning.

Sinn Fein’s Davy Dunne says that given the current housing crisis efforts should be made to help those struggling by allowing mobile homes and modular homes remain in place or be erected.

He says that people in and around Carrick-on-Suir with these homes are being asked to appeal planning decisions or apply for retention which is costly and could force some of them into homelessness.

This suggestion was opposed by councillor Kevin O’Meara who feared there could be safety concerns, however, councillor Dunne told Tipp FM that the housing section should still be allowed to inspect the properties to ensure they were up to standard.

He says that this temporary measure would also decrease the need to spend on emergency accommodation.

“Could we write to the government planning department to ask for an exemption to be put in place as an emergency measure only for the duration of the housing crisis to get people away from having to use emergency accommodation services.”

Responding to concerns about health and safety he said that these would be top standard properties:

“Where’s the health and safety reasons when you’ve people living on streets and in sleeping bags because that’s where we’re heading.”

” I’d rather be in a modern…style mobile home… I’m talking about top standard.”