Council urged to resolve issues at Carrick on Suir estates

Councillor Kieran Bourke. Photo from Tipperary County Council.

Tipperary County Council has been asked to honour its committed to carry out works at a local estate.

Cllr. Kieran Bourke told a recent meeting of the Carrick-on-Suir Municipal District that the residents in Orchard Crescent have been waiting for four years now for work to be carried out.

This relates to improving parking in the estate, something he said is also needed in Deerpark where residents are asking that a section of the green area be removed to make space for cars.

Cllr. Bourke told Tipp FM that the situation is creating annoyance.

“Orchard Crescent has a fantastic residents association there and they are very proactive and they came to me and asked me could I help and I did and I got a commitment that it would be carried out but each year subsequently that I have gone back and asked when are you going to do this particular set of work I have been told – we’ve no funding, we’ve no funding, we’ve no funding. It’s very frustrating. Our new engineer Denis Power said that he would look into it and see how we can come up with funding.”

In relation then to Deerpark he says they want to see some of the green area removed to make room for parking.

However, the council officials said removing green areas was not always possible as they have a certain ratio they must meet in each of their estates.
Cllr. Bourke told Tipp FM that times have changed since these regulations were introduced.

“Even take out a section of it, I know that you have a ratio of it of a certain amount of green area to be put in to housing estates, but these are slap bang in the middle of town and there is no place for residents to park and I mean when these rules and regulations came in houses were lucky to have one car per house, now houses have two and three and possibly four cars per house. They are going up to see what designs can be done, now I have done all this four years ago, but I am hoping that this time we will have action.”