Council urged not to sell off local authority land

Photo © Tipp FM

A motion proposing a temporary ban on the sale of public lands by Tipperary County Council is to be discussed this morning.

Clonmel-based councillor Pat English is bringing forward the idea to the monthly meeting of the local authority, saying it’s a necessary temporary move during the housing crisis.

The Council is to meet in Littleton from 10am this morning in a socially distanced October meeting.

Pat English has been explaining the background to his motion.

“It’s just to safeguard land that is in public ownership for public houses – for social and affordable houses into the future. That we’re not selling off land that we have. It’s a scarce resource at the moment and we need to hold onto what we have.”

“But I know that in every district there’s a lot of hectares that’s in the ownership of the council which could be utilised for social housing.”