Council tackles anti-social behaviour issues in Fethard housing estates

Fethard Town Wall Photo © Tipp FM

Work has been carried out at South Tipperary estates to try and decrease high volumes of anti-social behaviour.

Tipperary County Council has been working over the last number of months to improve things at Gort an Oir and Kilnockin view in Fethard.

The Community Liaison Officers for Tipperary say that efforts to decrease both the illegal dumping and persistent anti-social behaviour in both estates have been well received over the last number of months.

The two areas were identified as being in need of extra resources and support both in terms of services and more general clean up measures.

Gardaí were reporting issues with people using various laneways and passages to avoid detection and evade apprehension, as well as being able to carry out anti-social behaviour in the hidden avenues.

There was also a high volume of household furniture, including couches and chairs, being dumped illegally around the estates.

The County Council worked with the residents to limit the open side passages and spaces available for such behaviour by closing them off.

They also introduced targeted support measures including adult education and services and activities for young people.

The CLO stated that the estates are still a work in progress with further plans for a Community House which it is said will further improve the area.

A recent council meeting heard that there were plans for similar in the Thurles and Templemore areas.