Council examining purchasing properties where eviction notices have been served

Photo from Google Maps

There have been 65 notices to quit issued in the Clonmel district to date.

This news comes ahead of a debate on the evictions ban today.

Members of the Clonmel Borough District were unanimous in their concern about the situation facing many people in the area as the eviction ban is planned to come to an end in just under 2 weeks’ time.

The housing section of the local authority says they want anyone who has been issued with a Notice to Quit to get in contact with them as soon as possible.

This is so they can work with the tenant and landlord to decide whether or not they can purchase the property.

Councillors questioned the process of purchasing homes, asking if there were evaluations carried out and what the criteria was for buying.

The executive said in the first instance they ask the tenant if they are happy to stay and then consult with the landlord if so.

They must then take into consideration a number of factors including the area the house is in, any anti-social behaviour nearby, and if it is value for money for the Local Authority.

There will be an inspection carried out on the quality of the property and the technical staff will make recommendations based on the works needed to bring it up to a suitable level.

If they can’t find a solution the tenant will be connected with the HAP officer.