Council budget should make serious inroads into housing list

The 2022 Tipperary County Council budget should see the council meet the housing needs of the county over the next five years.

The council passed the €194 million budget by a majority vote at a virtual meeting on Friday.

Director of Housing, Sinéad Carr told the meeting that there are over 3,800 people on the housing waiting list, but that more than half of those are already accommodated somewhere.

This leaves about 1,600 people who need houses.

The council will be building 887 units over the next five years.

Ms Carr said that over 100 voids usually come up every year, and when they’re factored in, that they would reach the 1,600 figure, but this doesn’t account for needs that arise in the meantime up to 2025.

There were concerns raised by councillors about the threshold for social housing and how it should be raised to give broader access, as well as abuse faced by council staff from those going through housing difficulties.

There were also calls for the council to broaden the housing stock with more 4 bed houses for families and one bed properties for single householders.

The Director of Housing said that the dysfunction of the private sector is impacting heavily on council housing, as the stock isn’t there for tenants.