Ardfinnan & Newcastle Parish Priest says homelessness locally ‘worse than ever’

Photo © Pixabay

The parish priest for Ardfinnan and Newcastle says homelessness locally is ‘worse than ever.’

Father Michael Twomey was reacting to news which emerged last week around the work the council was doing to help those who find themselves homeless and are seeking emergency accommodation.

He says that while the officials are doing all they can their hands are tied by the system, which is not favorable towards those in need.

Speaking to Tipp Today Fr. Twomey gave an example of a family who were being evicted, but because they were still in the home when they presented to the council were denied help until they were ‘actually’ homeless.

He says that the situation across Clonmel and the wider area is the worst its ever been :

” This is really serious because this is having such and effect on families. I spoke to one family member the other day involved in a homeless situation and I’m going to be honest Fran I was worried for their mental health and what they might do.”

“They feel worthless is what one other person said to me, they said I feel like a failure.”