Ahearn: Ukrainian officials were aware of Ireland’s housing crisis

Senator Garret Ahearn

The notion that Ukrainian refugees were not aware of Ireland’s housing crisis before they arrived here is not true.

That’s accoring to Senator Garret Ahearn who said that comments made by the Ukrainian ambassador to Ireland this week were “damaging”.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Ireland Larysa Gerasko faced backlash after saying that she felt that Ireland could do more when it comes to accommodating those fleeing the war and that those entering Ireland should be aware of the housing issues the country faces.

However, speaking to Tipp FM, Senator Ahearn said that officials from Ukraine were aware of Ireland’s housing crisis:

“Her comments in relation to Ukrainians weren’t aware of a housing problem, they weren’t true and she knows that the comments she made weren’t true. She had been warned.

“She had been told by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney about this issue.

“The four Ukrainian MPs who came to Ireland in June who spoke in the Seanad – they met seven ministers – they were aware of the two major challenges that we have as a country in terms of taking Ukrainian citizens in, one is housing and the second is childcare for Ukrainians who want to work.”