124 housing estates taken in charge by Tipperary County Council since 2016

Tipperary County Council continues to make progress when it comes to the taking in charge of housing estates.

The issue was discussed at some of the most recent Municipal District meetings in the county.

When the local authority takes an estate in charge they take over open spaces such as public roads, footpaths and lighting.

Kieran Ladden is a Senior Executive Engineer with Tipperary County Council.

“Since 2016 Tipperary County Council has made significant progress with regards the taking in charge of residential housing estates with 124 estates taken in charge in that period.

“Going forward Tipperary County Council will continue to engage with residential groups and other stakeholders to ensure the ongoing progression of residential estates through the taking in charge process.”

Some years ago the local authority set up a dedicated task force to tackle the issue of unfinished estates and estates that were to be taken in charge.

Kieran Ladden told Tipp FM that they have a number of applications on file.

“We do a number of surveys – one of them would be the underground CCTV survey to inform any issues that are associated with the underground infrastructure. We do lighting reports to see what works would need to be done on the lighting and we do inspections and surveys on the roads paths and paving as well.

“Our expectation is to continue with the progress and to take a number of estates in charge this year as well.”