Housing will continue to be an issue in 2023 for Tipp, says council

Photo © Tipp FM

Housing was and continues to be one of the biggest challenge for Tipperary County Council.

That’s according to Joe McGrath the Chief Executive who says it’s likely homelessness and issues trying to accommodate Ukrainian refugees will continue into 2023.

However, he told Tipp FM that he remains optimistic having supplied 200 new homes this year, with plans for over 500 between 2023 and 2024.

Mr. McGrath says they are the largest builder in the county of houses, however, there are issues when it comes to private housing:

“I want to give some people some hope, we will or we think we can over the period of up to 2025 anyway address the key demand for housing in the county.

“The major challenge in Tipperary… without a doubt is the lack of private housing provision. We need to see more private housing in the county being built new housing we need to see that coming on the market. The housing situation will not be resolved by public housing alone it will require a private housing response.”