Horse Found at Swimming Spot was Likely led There Before Being Shot

Photo © Tipp FM


It’s now believed that a horse was led into a popular West Tipperary swimming spot and shot.

The public are being urged to stay away from the disused quarry at Lagganstown, known locally as the Blue Lagoon, following the removal of a dead horse from the water.

The remains of a horse were discovered on Saturday and removed by a knackery this morning.

Councillor Mick Fitzgerald spoke on Tipp Today earlier about what they believe happened.

“The horse was, I would say, walked into a little cove area of the lagoon and probably shot and left there, but didn’t come to the notice until the waters reduced a little bit.

“You can see now like, we’ve said before about the dangers of it from a toxic point of view and from a bathing point of view and safety.

“But, now when you’ve had a horse that was very much decomposed.”

He added that the quarry is very dangerous and while the Council have secured the area as best they can, he is urging people to avoid it.