Woman with endometriosis in Tipperary to receive first legal cannabis tomorrow

Aimee Browne - Go Fund Me

A woman living with endometriosis in Tipperary is to receive her first legal cannabis delivery tomorrow.

It’s believed Aimee Brown may be the first in the country living with the incurable disease to have gotten the Ministerial license for the prescription.

She said that she and her pain consultant tried three different procedure to tackle her chronic pain before opting for this.

Aimee hopes to raise awareness of the key role this could play for other women in living with this condition.

However, it is costly and she told Tipp Today she plan to push for it to be included on the drug payment scheme:

“That is going to be quite problematic moving forward but I am keen that we are going to be successful with getting the Government to listen and include it on the Drug Payment Scheme because I am going to save them a fortune in all the opioids that I wont be prescribed any more and also I have a medical card that I never paid for those opioids in the first place I don’t know how they expect me to all of sudden have the money for cannabis on a means tested disability payment.”

Despite the positive news of the cannabis prescription Aimee is also about to leave for Romania to undergo more surgery due to chronic pain that has been particularly bad this year:

“The chronic pain and the symptoms have resurfaced quite significantly this year and I am worried about the disease having regrown on my diaphragm the surgery is booked I head over to Romania Sunday week, I will be there for Christmas by myself but I have been saying it will be worth sacrificing this Christmas to hopefully have a future of more manageable pain and I have a Go Fund Me up to raise money for that.”

Link to Go Fund Me – https://www.gofundme.com/f/multidisciplinary-endometriosis-excision-surgery