Tipperary carers paid the equivalent of 90 cent per hour

The manager of Family Carer’s Ireland’s in Tipperary has accused successive governments of paying lip-service to carers.

Richie Molloy made his comments as the organisation launched its pre-budget submission on behalf of the country’s 500,000 family carers.

The submission is being presented to all of Tipperary’s Oireachtas members and their counterparts across the country.

Speaking on Tipp Today Richie Molloy said its time for the government to step up to the mark.

“There’s no question that family carers were the forgotten frontline workers of this pandemic. Very little recognition was given to family carers – the vaccination was one of them. They were treated very much the same as everybody else.”

“So we have six particular ‘asks’ for this budget in October and we really feel the government – they’re forever paying lip-service to family carers – but if they really want to show they actually mean it they’re going to have to put some money into the whole area.”