Templemore GP issues raised in the Dáil

Photo © Tipp FM

A number of Tipperary TDs have asked the HSE to continue efforts to secure a replacement GP for a Templemore practice.

800 patients in the area will have to find a new family doctor as Dr Joe Hennessy retires.

Despite advertising the position on a number of occasions the recruitment campaign has failed to find a doctor to take over the position.

Deputies Michael Lowry told the Dáil “the HSE recruitment campaign has failed dismally to attract doctor interest. The people of Templemore are angry and feel let down by the HSE.”

For his part Deputy Jackie Cahill said “the HSE have failed and I would say haven’t tried hard enough and the request I’m making is that the HSE give an extension of six months to the practice in the town so as to allow ample time to get a replacement.”

Deputy Martin Browne said “the people of Templemore are very angry that the HSE for some reason just seem to be ignoring them and its just not good enough. There’s massive worry out there in the community of Templemore.”

Minister of State Mary Butler replied on behalf of Health Minister Stephen Donnelly.

She said the Templemore vacancy has proven very difficult to fill despite the HSE’s best efforts.

“Since July 2021 there have been eight locum doctors providing cover which is not ideal in terms of delivering a quality service and providing continuity of care for patients.

“Two recruitment campaigns have been undertaken – the panel was advertised locally, nationally and in the British Medical Journal. In addition the advertisement was shared with all GMS practices across the mid-west and with the mid-west training scheme in a bid to attract newly qualified GPs.”

Meanwhile Tipperary County Council has written to both the HSE and the Health Minister in relation to the problems in Templemore after the issues was raised at this weeks meeting of the local authority.