St Patrick’s project still part of HSE plans

Photo Tipp FM

The new 60-bed residential care unit for St Patrick’s Hospital in Cashel is still on the HSE estates capital plan.

There has been little to no movement on this project, which was first thought to have been built this year.

Councillor Declan Burgess told Tipp FM that movement on this project is needed and he’s been assured that it’s a HSE priority.

“It’s still at detailed design stage, but it’s taking a long time.

“There was obviously a previous demand from HIQA that this was supposed to be built by the end of 2021, that’s obviously gone out the window.

“Now, there’s been allowances made, but I’m very concerned about this capital project.

“I’m delighted that they gave a commitment that it’s still on the agenda, firmly on the agenda, when Covid 19 kind of took over.”

He added;

“St Patrick’s Hospital is a fantastic model for community healthcare.

“It’s a successful model and it’s been working really, really well, providing a high standard of care and that’s compliment from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the middle. It’s been great.

“They need this, they need this building extension and it’s something that I’ll be really pressing and hammering on, in the New Year with the HSE that we need movement on this project.

“It can’t wait, we need the planning to finalise.”