Salvo’s fired in political row over Nenagh CNU

Photo © Tipp FM

Questions have been asked about the ability some local politicians to deliver on a promise to overturn HSE plans to use the new Community Nursing Unit in Nenagh as a stepdown facility for UHL.

Deputy Alan Kelly and Councillor Seamie Morris gave assurances at a public rally in Nenagh at the weekend in protest at the move.

The use of the 50 bed state of the art unit to ease the overcrowding crisis at UHL will mean that residents will not be transferring from St Conlon’s Nursing Home as had originally been promised.

On Tipp Today earlier Deputy Michael Lowry raised concerns over whether Alan Kelly or Seamie Morris had the power to overturn the HSE decision.

“I listened to the contributions of the chosen speakers. Councillor Seamie Morris and Deputy Alan Kelly proceeded to take the microphone and emphatically rejected the proposed solution and both gave a commitment to overturn the entirety of the HSE decision. They made a promise that it wouldn’t happen and that the unit would be used for St Conlon’s in its entirety. I’m very sceptical of their ability to deliver on this promise but of course I do wish them well in their endeavours.”

Meanwhile Councillor Seamie Morris has accused Deputy Lowry of trying to muddy the waters.

He told Tipp Today that the Independent TD along with Deputy Jackie Cahill had been the ones to “claim” the decision to use the CNU as a way of easing the situation in UHL.

“Michael is a very skilled operator and he used his time on Tipp FM there to muddy the waters because he was the one that made the announcement – him and Jackie Cahill both made those announcements – and they made it on their own. They didn’t bring anyone else in, they didn’t allow anyone up on podiums, they didn’t allow anyone to discuss it. In fact it was a decision that was made without the unions, without the staff or without the residents knowing anything about it.