Routine visits to nursing homes resume across the country

Greenhill Nursing Home, Carrick-on-Suir

Residents at long-term care facilities and nursing homes will be allowed two visits per week from today.

Since December, some visits were allowed on compassionate grounds.

There is no requirement to limit each visit to less than one hour.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Shona O’Brien from Greenhills Nursing Home in Carrick on Suir, said it’s important for residents to see their family and is urging visitors to adhere to the guidelines set out by individual nursing homes.

“Covid has taught us all that time is precious to residents in long term care so they want to see their families.”

“We have residents here and they’ve new additions to their families since last year. People need to be together again but it has to be safe. So we have to go with the guidelines.”

“I have to make the decision for Greenhills and what I think is safe. Every other nursing home will have to make the decision from the guidelines on what’s safe for them.”

“We’re all hoping visitors hear what we’re asking them to do because this is what we feel is the safest way.”