Renewed uncertainty about unit for the elderly in Cashel

Photo from Google Maps

Plans for a new 60 bed unit for older people in Cashel are still very vague according to a local activist.

Former County Councillor Tom Wood had sought an update from Minister Mary Butler on the current situation.

Despite assurances some years ago that the plans were in place and funding was available for the unit at St Patrick’s the HSE were now examining other options as there wasn’t sufficient parking space at St Patrick’s.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Tom Wood said a recent planning application adds to the confusion.

“So they’re looking for permission at this stage to demolish the gate lodge on the grounds that they intend to apply for permission for the development of the site. Now of course there’s no clarity there of what they mean by the development of the site – is it for the 60 bed unit – if it isn’t then why do they want to demolish the gate lodge because you’d imagine if they were putting in planning for the 60 bed unit the gate lodge would be included in that.

Tom Wood says realistically he doesn’t expect the unit to be located on the St Patrick’s campus.

“My instinct is telling me that the site won’t be suitable and that they’re planning something else up there in relation to services and maybe more services in relation to children’s facilities. But then where are they going to develop the 60 bed unit, that’s the big question. You don’t just pick a site in the morning.”