Pharmacist advising use of hand cream as part of hand hygiene regime

A Tipperary pharmacist says he has had a marked increase in people asking for treatment for sore hands.

Fethard based Jimmy O’Sullivan says unfortunately this is the price we have to pay for proper hand hygiene.

However he says there are some simple steps we can take to alleviate the problem.

“Any of those sanitisers should be 70 or 80% alcohol so that’s what the problem is – you’re almost taking the oil from the top of your skin.”

“So you know a simple moisturiser – hand moisturiser – something like that once in the evening when you’re not ah, you don’t want to be doing it if you’re dealing with people or whatever.”

“But if you’re going in an out of the supermarket when you come out you could use a bit of hand cream once you’re not handling something else you know.”