North Tipp Hospice reassure clients during pandemic

Photo from North Tipperary Hospice

The services of the North Tipperary Hospice group is among the many to be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

They have stepped back to remote services but stress they are still continuing to do what they can under the circumstances.

Secretary of North Tipp Hospice Eileen Kennedy says their two centres are still open.

“Our managers are still on the phoneline and our 9 counsellors are available.”

“It’s very difficult at the moment for clients because people with cancer are really felling afraid and alone. We want to assure them that we’re here to help them and talk to them on the phoneline.”

“We’re also still providing our home care service. And particularly newly diagnosed people who may have been diagnosed in October or November and maybe haven’t heard anything since so they’re really struggling. We need them to ring us and we’ll help them and support them.”