Nenagh MAU to be used in two weeks to ease pressures on UHL

Deputy Jackie Cahill at Nenagh Hospital. Photo courtesy of Fianna Fáil.

Nenagh Medical Assessment Unit should be available for use in the next two weeks to ease pressures on UHL.
There was a briefing held by the Health Minister and HSE staff in the Mid-West region yesterday to discuss solutions to the current overcrowding emergency at the local facility.
The Ennis MAU will begin taking patients directly, provided they meet certain clinical criteria, and there will be an extension of the A and E opening hours in each of the three model two hospitals in the region.

Tipperary TD Jackie Cahill says that this is welcome news and he hopes this will pave the way for more money and resources being afforded to Nenagh in the long term :

“There is clear confirmation from the Minister that the three grade two hospitals in the Mid-West region are going to be utilized to the best of their resources to try and take the pressure off UHL. This is something that I have been pushing for for a number of years, you know Nenagh is very equipped to cater for patients who are not critical and can come to the MAU in Nenagh be looked after, be admitted for a day or two, whatever is necessary and take the pressure of UHL.”

Deputy Cahill went on to say he is pushing for a full suite of measures including a fully function ICU and enhanced staffing levels to serve the local community:”

“Throughout 2022 the MAY in Nenagh was not operating at the capacity that it was capable of and that was due to a shortage of staff and this comes down to resources and making sure staff are available and the proper back up service is there. We have to have an ICU in Nenagh we have to have an A and E, to back up the MAU as well. This is about resources and having staff in place. And it is going to require an extra budget for the hospital, and the Minister was categorical in his assurance that this is going to happen for Nenagh and it is going to be greatly utilised.”