Nenagh GP says Climate Change is starting to increase mortality rates across Europe.

Dr Pat Harrold Facebook page

Dr. Pat Harold was reacting to concerns raised around the sharp increase in the death rate post Covid by Deputy Mattie McGrath and his call for the CMO to investigate.

This has led to much speculation around the probable cause of death- with some questioning if the vaccine has had any impact.

However, Dr. Harold says it is too soon to say what the reason is as a number of factors are pulled together when looking at C.O.D from CSO figures, to notices, and information from the National Disease Surveillance Unit.

He also told Tipp Today that something often unspoken about is the impact of climate change.

“If Mattie is getting excited, he would want to look far more into it, Climate Change is a huge one because every year, year on year for the last few years there has been a huge increase in temperatures in the summer and there it has caused huge mortality in England and huge mortality in Europe. If you are in any way elderly or have a chronic condition and you are sitting indoors in 35-40 degrees in Paris and places like that they can’t go out the doors they are dying of dehydration, they are dying of malnutrition. Climate change and, quality of water, and displacement of people.”

To those questioning if the vaccine has had any impact Dr. Harold says it is too soon to say.
He says every medication will have possible side effects but it would be too early to say.

“If a million people get a vaccine you are kind of taking a bet but the upshot of getting it far outweighs the downfall but some people will have reactions some people will get sick no doubt about that. It is the same when we give penicillin it is the same when we give any tablet. You might be one of the unfortunate ones, I remember when I got the first two Covid vaccines I was canned for the weekend but still glad to get it. But it is very difficult to know but there is a lot of confusion out there.”