Morris: UHL not big enough to cater for population of midwest

A nurse station at the new 60-bed block at University Hospital Limerick.

There’s a growing realisation that University Hospital Limerick isn’t big enough for the population of the midwest, according to a Nenagh-based councillor.

Séamie Morris is supporting calls from the INMO for an independent investigation into overcrowding, after a record breaking 97 people were on trolleys there yesterday.

UHL is the only Emergency Department in north Tipp, Limerick and Clare, with Nenagh’s A&E closing ten years ago.

Séamie Morris told high ranking members at a HSE meeting yesterday that he’d support an independent investigation into the centralisation of the service.

“I did speak to Colette Cowan and Maria Bridgeman about University Hospital Limerick and to be fair to them I don’t blame them for what’s going on. They have to deal with whatever they have in front of them.

“I think there is a general realisation coming now that University Hospital Limerick is not big enough for the population of the midwest and that the centralisation policy has been an unmitigated disaster.”