Morris calls for more resources for local mental health services

Photo: Cllr Séamie Morris

A Tipperary Councillor is calling on the Government to focus on mental health services as a fallout from the Covid pandemic.

Nenagh based Independent Councillor Seamie Morris, has warned that the Government needs to give more resources to mental health.

Talking about the difficulties from Covid, isolating, loneliness and anxiety, he said this is an area that really needs attention.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier, Cllr Morris said that local facilities are falling short of what’s needed.

“We have to take people’s mental health seriously, and we do not in the country, I mean let’s be honest Fran.

“The biggest injustice done to the people of Tipperary was closing down the mental health unit in Clonmel, based on the fact that it wasn’t fit for standard and we’re seeing this happening now across the board at nursing homes and the rest of it, where they’re saying they’re not fit for standard.

“I can tell you one thing Fran, the unit in Clonmel saved hundreds of lives, nobody ever came out of it saying the place was in an awful state, but we have no place now, and that’s the problem.”