Minister urged to intervene as frustration continues over maternity restrictions in Clonmel

Tipperary University Hospital has been accused of breaching Government advice when it comes to partners attending scans.

Partners had been forced to adhere to restrictions on when they could attend scans and even labour, but those restrictions have been easing.

While the official line from the hospital is that partners can attend for the 20 week scan and when labour is established, what the Hospital is advising parents to be, is quite different.

Letters sent by the Hospital have been advising parents to attend alone.

Tipperary Senator Garret Ahearn has described the letters as outrageous and has spoken with the Health Minister Stephen Donnelly on the issue.

He told Tipp FM that the repercussions of this are serious.

“I know of two mothers who have delayed going to hospital to have the baby for as long as possible while they’re in labour because they’re extremely stressed to be on their own.”

“One person in particular who was very anxious and very concerned about being on her own and not having that support with her delayed for as long as possible and that’s not good either.”

“And I have other mothers who are now deciding that maybe we should look at other hospitals to have our child because the restrictions there are different.”