Mental Health Minister made aware of issues in Tipperary

Photo © Tipp FM

The lack of beds for mental health patients in Tipperary was driven home to Minister Mary Butler when she met with local activist Fr Michael Toomey yesterday.

He and Tipperary’s Oireachtas members highlighted the need for improved services in the county.

Fr Toomey – a long time mental health advocate – says the current situation which sees people in North Tipp availing of services in Ennis or in Kilkenny if you’re from the south of the county is not acceptable.

“People feel that I’m coming from Tipperary and what are you doing in County Clare or County Kilkenny – there is that perception as well.”

“Up in A&E people have been left on trolleys for days at a time without being properly mentally assessed – and I have details of that.”

“If they had a room where people who are having a mental health issue could be brought and assessed – just a quiet place away from A&E because as you know A&E can get very with trolleys at times.”