Lowry says lack of Paramedics is causing chaos in ambulance service

Photo © Pat Flynn

‘The ambulance service in Ireland is in a serious state of disarray’, according to a Tipperary TD.

Deputy Michael Lowry has raised the issues surrounding the ambulance service in the Dáil.

Among the issues raised, were the lack of paramedics and ‘unacceptable’ waiting times.

The independent representative says the agreement to have twenty minute turnarounds at hospitals is a farce.

“A massive shortage of Paramedics in many areas – particularly in the south-east – is at the root of the problem.

“Recently in that area there were at least 78 shifts without cover while in the same week there 55 shifts without cover in the mid-west.

“In addition to the shortage of Paramedics the agreement to have a 20 minute turnaround at hospitals is a farce. Crews are spending up to four hours outside Accident and Emergency waiting to hand over patients. Leaving them unavailable to respond to other calls.”