Lowry criticises lack of detail in HSE waiting lists

Photo © Tipp FM

The HSE is under fire for not being able to give figures for the number of children in Tipperary on waiting lists.

Deputy Michael Lowry recently sought details through a Parliamentary Question relating specifically to both North and South Tipperary.

He formally requested up-to-date information on the length of time Tipperary children in each age category are on Waiting Lists and the type of service they are waiting to receive.

The Thurles Independent TD was far from happy with the response to his query.

“The HSE have informed me that they cannot be precise about the number of children with disabilities across Tipperary awaiting vital services. This in itself is an indictment of a failed system that is letting down countless young people in their formative years.

“Early intervention and support is crucial for children with additional needs.”

The HSE was unable to provide Deputy Michael Lowry Michael Lowry with a breakdown of the numbers on waiting lists in the Premier County as they say South Tipp is included with Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford while North Tipp is with Clare and Limerick.

He says it would appear that no actual figures for the number of children from Tipperary in need of services, nor the type of service they require, is known.

“It is gross negligence to deny children access to services. It deprives them of the opportunity to realise their ambition and potential. It causes heartache, frustration and distress for parents who feel helpless.

“I have made a submission to Government for Budgetary support to ensure that under 18s with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities can access improved state services.”