Local woman urging people to think before they comment on couples without children

Photo from Pixabay

According to a survey by The FertilityHQ, women between the ages of 20 and 45 experience various forms of pressure to start a family or have a child with the situation said to be different for men.

Siobhán from Tipp Town says that she had wanted children but it never happened for her, and having watched her sister go through IVF didn’t feel she was strong enough to do the same.

She told Tipp Today she is now content with her life, however, she would urge people to think before they pass comment on someone else’s family situation.

“Please guys think before you open your mouth, if somebody has an announcement they will be bursting to tell you in their own time other than that think before you open your mouth because even the most slight comment people can take it so, so hurtfully and get down in themselves and depression is out there now in big way as well, mental health, people need to really think and I’m even thinking about family, parents, everybody – people will tell you their story in their own time, don’t force it out of them let them be.”

Siobhán says that having watched sister go through IVF she knew it wasn’t for her.

“It wasn’t a money issue it was definitely a mental health thing on my side, seeing what she went through at the end of every round that didn’t work, the twins really hit her hard, and I think for us as a family we were sitting there and we were watching her and we knew she was in pieces and I don’t know how she held herself together on those days, I would have wanted to close the world out and close all out and I knew that that for me -I wouldn’t have been able for it and I think you need to see something like that up close.”