Local GP says Covid vaccines for babies is unlikely

Dr Pat Harrold, Nenagh GP. Photo courtesy of Pat Harrold.

A North Tipp GP says he is unaware of any plans to give Covid vaccines to babies in Ireland.

Nenagh based Doctor Pat Harold was commenting on an article which stated that the UK could be rolling out vaccinations to infants as young as 6 months.

He told Tipp FM that considering that Covid 19 has a more minimal impact on young children it shouldn’t be necessary to see this implemented here.

However, he does say there are some cases where the vaccine is recommended for younger children, especially if they are immune suppressed.

“There’s some children that it is recommended they do, and most of those between the ages of 5 and 15, we’ve discussed it, have underlying health conditions. These are the children with cancer, with chronic kidney disease, immune suppressed, transplants maybe, or HIV…they are the only ones who are routinely recommended.”

Reacting to comments from people stating that while not ‘Anti-Vax’ they are sceptical about the fast delivery of the Coronavirus vaccines and the research behind them he says that while there have been some identified side effects connected to them, there are also many health implications caused by Covid, including long Covid.

He told Tipp Today that there was huge expertise and money put behind the vaccine development which accounts for the speed.

“There was massive scientific cooperation and massive pooling of information and massive use of stuff that was there and the knock on effects of the MRNA vaccines in particular will be huge because they will be able to get people to identify cancer and it’s going to be a big knock on effect on cancer.”