Local dentist warns against DIY treatment

Photo from Pixabay

A Tipperary dentist says complications can arise from unnecessary veneer procedures.

Aidan Burke from Thurles Dentist.ie says that social media has seen the promotion and rise of veneers for aesthetic reasons and this can become both dangerous and expensive for the patient.

He says people need to consider why they are getting this procedure and how many are actually needed, and Aidan also says that they have a short life and will need constant maintenance.

Speaking to Tipp Today he also warned that clip in veneers can cause serious damage including tooth loss.

“You could cause huge trouble. They have to clip somewhere so you’re going to get a margin between the tooth and the gum and that’s going to cause irritation to the gum and if you get gum disease the tooth becomes loose and falls out.
So, you may look good but you could be causing very bad long term effects to it.”