Local businessman says lessons to be learned from Covid pandemic

The habit of self-testing for Covid-19 could help to ease demands on local GPs in the coming years.

That’s the suggestion of Arthur Griffin, Director of Thurles-based company Covisal, which has been a leading Irish distributor of antigen tests during the pandemic.

GP recruitment has become an increasing area of concern in the health service.

Arthur told Tipp Today earlier that while antigen testing may become less necessary, pandemic habits could offer an important solution.

“I suppose that Covisal as a company may not continue post-antigen but one thing that will change is people now are used to self-testing and the whole concept of self-testing is something that’s going to emerge over the next year or two.

“At the moment they go into a doctor, they get a blood test to check their thyroid. They go back to get the result – clogging up the system. Whereas doing something like a self-test on thyroid as an example is something that probably will start to emerge.”