Kelly says general health services have to be restored

Safe 2 metre social distance. Photo: Pixabay

Tipperary TD Alan Kelly has reiterated his call for social distancing restrictions to be reduced from 2 metres to 1 for health services.

The Labour leader and party’s spokesperson on health says this is a key step in getting vital parts of the service back on stream.

The Portroe native says such a move would literally be a life-saver in some circumstances.

Speaking on Tipp Today he said it’s vital that we get our day-to-day health services back up and running.

“The fact is that not enough people are going for their appointments still.”

“We don’t have the community services, the outreach services, disability, mental health and if you look in the whole area of screening it’s non-existent.”

“And actually two metres versus one metre has an impact there because when it comes to, you know waiting rooms, departments, scheduling, community services things can be done a little bit more efficiently when its one metre versus two metres.”