HSE say St Conlon’s should be complete with 12 months

Photo © Tipp FM

The new St Conlon’s Community Nursing Home is set for completion by this time next year.

The HSE has confirmed to Deputy Alan Kelly that construction of the building on a 3.5 acre site adjacent to the Nenagh Hospital campus is expected to be finished during the first quarter of 2023.

The 50 bed unit along with a palliative care suite will then need to be equipped which is likely to be completed during the second quarter of next year.

Deputy Kelly says it’s very positive news for North Tipp.

“It’s a great facility and will be fantastic for the residents – and future residents down the line.

It’s desperately needed – all we need now is also to ensure that we can deliver another unit in Roscrea for the Dean Maxwell – and with the Hospital of the Assumption in Thurles we’ll have three really fantastic units to fully service people and residents across the northern part of the county.”

Meanwhile the need to ensure long stay beds are part of future plans for the Dean Maxwell unit in Roscrea is vital according to Deputy Kelly.

Oireachtas members and Councillors in the area will be meeting with local stakeholders on Friday night to discuss the future of the Dean Maxwell unit.