Hopes that Jigsaw announcement for Thurles is not another false dawn

Photo © Jigsaw Facebook

A local mental health advocacy group has welcomed the news that the Jigsaw service will be up and running in Thurles within a matter of months.

However the Tipperary Fight for Mental Health Services group says it’s not before time.

Minister Mary Butler this week confirmed that a premises has been secured for the service at the Technology Park on the Racecourse Road in Thurles.

This will provide mental health support and services for young people in the area.

Dean McGrath is Chairman of Tipperary Fight for Mental Health Services campaign.

“There is a bit of trepidation in terms of having seen this before and significant delays having occurred throughout this process so we’re hoping that this time it’s not another false dawn.”

“Look, it’s not that we want to create any confusion – we’re absolutely 100% behind this service as are most of the community groups such as C-Saw, Carmha in North Tipperary, the River Suir Suicide Patrol, and the Save Our Acute Services Committee.”

“The issue is we’ve been promised this so many times.”