Future of Dean Maxwell unit to become clearer

The Taoiseach will mediate a meeting tomorrow about the future of the Dean Maxwell between Ministers and the Roscrea Action Group.

Earlier this month Deputy Michael Lowry called on Micheál Martin to step in in a bid to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of locals who have expressed strong opposition to relocating long stay care from the Dean Maxwell to a new facility in Nenagh.

Deputy Lowry says they are hopeful of some positive answers tomorrow after two weeks of ground work in preparation during which the HSE agreed to look at options.

He told Tipp Today what the main priorities are going into the meeting.

“The HSE… have completely been dismissive… so the first priority is to retain Dean Maxwell and the second priority is to ensure that the quality and level of services that are currently provided will continue to be provided in Roscrea.”

” There will be an insistence on my part that the long stay beds will be part of that overall plan.”

The community have long said that the removal of any services would be an ‘injustice’ to the elderly people in Roscrea.

Deputy Lowry says that they are hopeful of a positive outcome or possible resolution from tomorrow’s meeting:

“In the past two weeks I have had several meetings and several discussions in preparation for this meeting and in particular I have been talking the HSE and I have asked them to look at some options available and they have done that so we are going to the meeting tomorrow well prepared.”